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Classical Studies
Anna Walsh

CLAA06H3 Lec 1 May 12 2011Background to Greek MythologySouthern Italy and Sicily was known as the Greater Greece in ancient timesEratosthenes ca 194BCthe Land and pplAncient Greeks were shaped and formed by the land in which they livedGreeks and the sea many of the Greek cities lived on islands their relnship w the sea is profoundly imptGod of the Seafertility related to SeaFranchthi Cave has the oldest known signs of human habitation in Greeks dates to abt the end of the last iceage Neolithic 3000 BCneonew lithic stonethey lived a primitive stone age period until year 3000In year 3000 intro of a great technology combining copper with tin to make bronzeThese great tools made them to develop intellectually farming killing othersetcspread their warfare in the MediterraneanthThe Late Bronze Age and 19century Europeansmythical palace of King Minos one of the judges in the underworldmythZeus powerful of the greek gods struck by the beautiful princess Europa he seduced her he disguised himself as a white bull and dove in the water with abducting EuropaZeus and Ledaseduces Leda in the form of a swanZeus and DanaeZeus and CallistoZeus and GanymedeZeus snatches a young boy in the form of a eagleThe best fulfilling relnship in ancient greek society is with a young pubescent boyAlexander the Greatmarried three times but was commited and loved another manHe believed he came from Zeus in the form of a snake seducing his mother OlympusZeus and Europahe fled very farand had two sons with herOne of the sons wanted to be king of the island over his brother so he prayed to the god of the Sea Poseidonbut he had sacrifice the best white bull when he is kingHe substitutes the best white bull for another less wow white bullPoseidon was enraged and punished himwhat punishmentPasiphae and PoseidonThey made her His wife fall in love with that white bullzoophilia love of an animalShe goes to Daedalus to help hershe finally seduces the white bull and has a child with the bullhalf bull half human The Minotaurphysical appearance was equated with the internal quality of an individualbeauty was in the herosvillans were deformedThey believed virtue beautydeformity evil or manifestation of a sinthey hid the Minotaur in the center of the maze ie labyrinth under the palacethey wld put 14 virgins 7 males 7 females in the maze for the Minotaur to devourLecture 2 May 19th 2011Greek Creation Mythstwo basic kindscosmogony birth of the cosmos ie the universetheogonystories abt the birth of the godsHesiodGreek oral poethis writings major source on Greek mythology Myths canbe broken into functional categories1cosmogonytheogony myths of the godsit serves the greeks as a form of protoscienceto help understand how the natural world works etc2 epic form of protohistory to explain how man interacts with fellow man
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