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Classical Studies
Anna Walsh

Week 7 Lec 5 June 23Perseusand the clash of TitansPerseus is a hero born in the city of Argos in the southern pennisula of Greecetheatre directly linked the culture and race of society in Argos GreeceTemple of Apollostory begins with the visit to the temple of ApolloOracle of Delphi with the priestess PythiaPythia was able to communicate w Apollo abt the futureour myth begins with a visit from a King named Acrisius to the temple of Apollohe went because he had no sons and only had a wretched daughterthe oracle said he will be killed by his daughters sonthere are other oracles involving fears of grandsons too ie in Persian war the king was told he wld be overthrown by his daughters sonhe decided not to kill his daughter Danae but rather imprisoned her in a tower so she could not have any sonshe assumed that she wld wither and die eventuallythe tower had no windows or doors etc but he did not realize the possible entrance of the sky Ceiling entranceZeus came to visit Danaeshe was visited by the shower of gold by the king of godsdirect parallel to virgin birth of JesusTintorettoa student and teacher of ArgavacioDanae and PerseusDanae becomes pregnant Father is reluctant to kill his daughter or the baby because it is fathered by Zeushe locks them in a chest Perseus Danae and Zeus sonLocked into a chest and cast unto the seabut of course Zeus took pity on his childHe asked his brother Poseidon to look after them on the seaHe let them land on the island of Seriphosand a man named Dictys found themDictys was the brother of Polydectes the king of SeriphosPolydectes took a peculiar interest in DanaePerseus grew up and had to protect his mother from Polydectesthis angered King Polydecteshe tried to rid the boyKing Polydectes planned to get rid of themhe hosted a banquet for everyone on the island and every1 had to bring a gift for
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