Mythology Chapter 4: Rise of Zeus Lec + Book

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Matthew Cohn

Mythology Chapter 4 The Rise of Zeus y Theogeny explains birth of god and Cosmogony explains how Zeus came to power y Hesiod wrote origin of the universe through succeeding generations of gods and their rise to power 1000 line poem called Theogeny hymn to Zeus y Starts off with old generations of Chaos Chasm Gaea Earth Uranus Sky and Tartarus below earth y Erosfairest of allimmortals who frees all from sorrow but decreases wisdomy Chaos kids Erebus Darkest and Nyx night mother of Aether radianceand Hemera Day produced with Erebus y Erossexual love and attraction and is the source that causes sex to make kids and ensures future changes and generations y Eros Gaea and Tartarus are not Chaoss kidsindependent Children of Gaea Titans and Their Cousins yOffspring6 male and 6 femaletitans 3 cyclopes round eyes and hectanochires 100 handers y Asexually Gaea produced Uranus and mountains and then her watery doublet Pontus seas and then Uranus and Gaea fucked and made 6 male and 6 female titans last born Cronus against Uranus for power y Mountains protect Uranus and the gods and support the feet of the gods y Titans are not shown in Art and not in stories of religion but their offspring made cycle of divinities y GaeaUranus also made Oceanus deep swirling Coeus divine Criusdivine Hyperion Iapetus Theiadivine Rhea ThemisDeplhi oracle was his before Apollo also associated wlawrelated with earth and everything being fixed Mnnemosyne memory Gold Phobe brilliantlight of the sky and fair featured Tethysy Cronus was very cleaver and scheming and hated Uranusy Oceanus male and Tethys female titans on Homer gave birth to all gods y SkyEarth in sexual embrace and is also shown in Egyptian paintings y All water comes for Oceanus and gave birth to 6000 Oceanidsspirits of all water bodies y ThemisMnemosyne bear children to Zeus y Cronus and Rhea doublets for UranusGaea Grandparents of 12 Olympians y Olympiatop most y Cyclopes strong and abrupt of emotionBrontes thunderer Steropes lightning and Arges brilliantforgers of Zeuss bolts and were violent and shrewd y HectanochiresBriareus VigorousCottusStrikerfurious and Gyes BigLimbed all were hated by Uranus the mostTitan Hyperion He who goes above
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