Mythology Chapter 5: Origin of Mortals lec + book

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Classical Studies
Matthew Cohn

Mythology Chapter 5 Origin of MortalsPrometheus Maker of Mortalsy Son of Iapetus y Titan who was a clever inventor and mixed primeval earth contained divine seed and water to make mortals y First human beings are accounted in the Ovid Metamorphoses y Beasts look downward and humans look up to the sky Prometheus Protector of Mortals y He is a forelearner and outwits most powerful people brother Epimitheus dummy y Feared by Zeus y PrometheusMecane feast tricked Zeus and offered him bones covered with fat from the sacrificed boy and the share of meat covered with bones was given to the humans y Zeus was deceived and became angry at Prometheus and humans and took the fire away y Prometheus then helped the humans by stealing fire by hiding it in fennel stalk y Ever since this human life was one of labor y Zeus then punished Prometheusby binding him to a pillar and having an eagle eat away his liver over and over
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