Mythology Chapter 6: Myths of Zeus, Hera, etc lec + book

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Mythology Chapter 6 Myths of Zeus Hera Poseidon and HadesMount Olympus and the Godsy Tallest mountain in Greece and there lived Zeus Hera Poseidon Demeter Hestia Aphrodite and 6 kids of Zeus and Hera12 Olympians y Zeus makes all the final decisions but can be given into by bribery flattery charm and deception Zeus Sky God Athena woman skillspractical knowledge of war Hera Family Fertility and Child Birth Hermes Trickster and god of open spaces deception lies and commerce Poseidon Sea Apollo Prophecy and Healing aka PhobusShiny Demeter Earth Fertility AresWarblood shedHestia Fire Hephaestus CraftsmenMetal working Aphrodite sexual attractionArtemis hunt virginity childbirth archery and animals y Athena and Artemis are celibatesZeus Lord of the Sky aka Jupitery Zeus means sky and is associated with weather and strength used against Titans Typhos and Giants y Aegis Goat skin and is the emblem of Zeuss power y Bull is his special animal and is ritually sacrificed to him y Eagle is also associated with him and overall he presides over low and justice y Zeus protects most Xenia formal institution of friendship hospitality and prayersupplication y Has pity and respect for strangers important cultural aspect yTrojan warOdysseyviolation of Xenia Zeuss Omnipotence y God of light sky storm rain Homer calls him the cloud gatherer y Always engaged with the earth and his breast plate represents protection goat skin violent storm Athena also born with breast plateshe is not vulnerable y Zeus fertilizes earth via rain girls run naked to bring rain to the country side in Greece appeasement of Zeus y Zeus enjoys women and sex y Omnipotence is a very controversial concept and is his most important attribute can he make an object so heavy that even he cant lift itparadox Hera Queen of Heaven aka Juno y Mother of fertility and goddess of marriage and fertilityspecial animalcow and is called Coweyed
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