Mythology Chapter 7: Myths of Great god Apollo lec + book

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Classical Studies
Matthew Cohn

Mythology Chapter 7 Myths of Great God Apollo y Higher Knowledge was open only to men but through the mouth of a women guided by Apollo y With his mother Leto and sister Artemis he formed a divine family y Letomother of divine twins y Represented as an archer god byt isnt the god of archers his arrows are shafts of disease y In myth Greeks captured daughter of Chryses Trojan priest of Apollo and was given to Kng Agamemnon as bootyPries prayed to Apollo and disease spread to the entire city y Plays Lyre built by Hermes and given to Apollo as a gift and is the god of poetry built via turtle and strings y Has an unhappy love lifey Artemisvirgin goddessasked Zeus for it Birth of Apollo Delos Cleary Son of Zeus as his mother Leto was seduced by Zeus and chased by HERAS Jealousy y Leto couldnt find a place to give birth went to 32 placesbecause of Heras jealousy and finally gives birth on a floating island which becomes fixed after the birth 9 days of labor y Since the island was fixed Hera couldnt forbid those placesDelosy After giving birth Hera was still jealous and got Tityus to rape Leto but this failed since Tityus
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