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Jan. 12, 2010 Class 1 A Brief Introduction to Ancient Greece -mountainous and dry landscape -rivers too narrow to navigate my boat -major crops grown: wheat, barley -olive trees and grapes grew abundantly -goats, sheep, pigs; cows are rare due to lack of pastureland; horses rare and prestigious -best kind of land > very expensive Regions- map on p.19 -Boeotia = cow land -Attica > Athens -Peloponnesus (a penindula) with several regions Achaea, Elis, Arcadia, Argolis, Messenia, Laconia -Euboea an island in the east of the mainland -Cyclades circle islands around Delos Bodies of water -Mediterranean Sea -Adriatic Sea -Aegean Sea Natural Resources of Greece -Silver in Attica (Laurium) -Iron in Laconia and limestone in Euboea -traded overseas with Asia Minor (around modern day Turkey), Italy, southern France, Black Sea area and even North Africa EarlyMiddle Bronze Age (3000-1600 BCE) -centred around island of Greece -Minoans (King Minos) -pictographic writing (symbols) -palaces Knossos, Phaistos, Mallia, Zakros -bulls and double axe (most popular symbols) Bull: power Double axe: religious -migration of Indo-European ca. 2100 BCE = Middle Bronze Age -major destruction -from central asia -brought horses -Indo Europeans ruled by king -Ranking: -kings -warriors -people: food producers -warlike people 3000 BCE EarlyMiddle Bronze Age 480 BCE Classical Period
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