CSCB07H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Downcasting, Loose Coupling, Duplicate Code

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4 Sep 2016

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Version control: tracks files over a period of time by developers and merge each of their contributions into a single whole by using revisions to track files. Data integrity (nothing is ever deleted or lost) Productivity (frees developers from manuel integration of work) i. e. a certain revision made test cases fail, so you can revert back to the previous revision. Working directory: a directory on your computer that contains the contents of the server. Svn client: a piece of software that runs on the developer"s computer and that allows to connect to the server (svn server) so that files can be pulled onto the local computer or pushed onto the server. Svn status: command that prints the status of working directories and files. If you have made local changes, it will show your locally modified items. Svn log: shows the log messages for all files and directories inside (and including) the current working directory of your working copy.

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