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CSCB36H3 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Structural Induction, Empty Sum

Computer Science
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Nick Cheng
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University of Toronto Scarborough
CSC B36 Quiz #1 2 October 2015
(circle your last name)
Do not begin until you are told to do so.
In the meantime, put your name on this cover page and read the rest of this page.
Aids allowed: None.
Duration: 45 minutes.
There are 3 pages and each is numbered at the bottom. Make sure you have all of them.
Write legibly in the space provided. Use the backs of pages for rough work; they will not be graded.
If you write in pencil or erasable pen, or if your quiz shows any evidence that work has been erased, then
you forfeit the right to have your quiz re-graded.
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