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Economics for Management Studies
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1. Critical Media Studies How Do We Know Somatically – - things we know thru direct sensory perception of our environment (schema) Symbolically – - things we know thru someone or something. learn about it - this info is mediated…. - Medium - comes to us via an indirect channel or medium Who Are the Mass Media?  communication technologies that have potential to reach large audiences in all locations Print media - originally allowed for a huge circulation of knowledge to far flung cities across Europe o mass media was “born” - 1 successful mass-circulation newspaper = New York Sun st - 1 magazine? 1974  American Magazine Motion Picture and Sound Recording - phonograph: a device that played recorded sound (1877) - kinetoscope: early motion picture device that showed short/silent films (1892) th - sale of recorded music  sold and profited A LOT (20 century) Broadcast media - media can officially be brought to audiences over public airwaves - *radio - *television New media - began with the development of the microchip for computers - Living in Postmodernity -  describes the historical era that began to emerge in the 60’s as the economic mode of production in most Western societies slowly shifted from goods based manufacturing to information based services Convergence - tendency of formerly diverse media to share a common, integrated platform. Mobility - instead of going to media, media can come to or go with us virtually anywhere Fragmentation
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