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Economics for Management Studies
Jovan Stefanovic

March 4 2012Ms KolberKiflenShortStoryAnalysisByMichelKiflenARupeeEarnedSummaryIn this short story there a blacksmith who has worked hard his entire life to provide the needs of his family The blacksmiths son however is a very lazy person who isnt useful in anyway Later the blacksmith was getting old and couldnt work so he told his son about how lazy he is He challenged his son to earn one rupee so the entire will could be under his name There were several attempts to earn the rupee but he failed because his mother would just give him the rupee After failing the second attempt he actually went and earned the money His father threw the coins in the fire which caused him to react He used his bare hands to pick up the burning coins This way he proved to the father that he earned the money since the money you have earned has more value that someone elseCharactersThere are three main characters in the story are the dad Blacksmith the son and the
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