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Economics for Management Studies
Jack Parkinson

Sample Midterm Exam QuestionsECMC48Q1What is barter Describe how it works highlighting its good and bad featuresQ2What is fiat money Describe how it works highlighting its good and bad featuresQ3Describe the net social welfare impact of the introduction and use of chequesQ4What is financial intermediation Explain how this activity impacts social welfareQ5What is money ie define it Many assets provide a higher rate of return given this explain why people bother to hold moneyQ6Describe the key features that define something as money Which feature is the most important property of money ExplainQ7What is the primary market Explain and provide an example of a primary marketQ8What is the secondary market Explain and provide an example of a secondary marketQ9Explain what is meant by the term direct finance Explain what is meant by indirect financeQ10A dollar in the future is worth more than the same or less than a dollar today Explain why this is soQ11What is asymmetric information Describe the main ways it impacts financial markets Q12The PBS Frontline video posted on the course web page describes the financial market meltdown that hit the US economy in 2008 Briefly describe how and why some US financial institutions ran into difficulty as described in this video Q13Use mathematics and words to define the concept of yield to maturity present value and holding period return of a coupon bondQ14Use mathematics and words to define the concepts of current yield yield to maturity and the rate of return for a coupon bond Which one do investors care most about ExplainQ15Use mathematics and words to describe how a discount bond works Name label its key features and explain what each of these things are What happens to the
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