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University of Toronto Scarborough
Economics for Management Studies
Garth Frazer

ECMC66 Final Exam Summary Frazer Development definition Incomecapita, not very good measure; we discussed reasons why Development more than income, as noted by Sen the notion of Human Freedom Human Freedom: not only democracy, but capability to be educated, freedom in health Sen: influential in holistic view of development and the Human Development Index Human Development Index: measure of Income, Health and Education Not a full measure of human welfare or different industries Does not capture human development for developed countries When studying development, interested in separating income, education, health etc Useful to look at 2 of these dimensions helps explain lots of differences in development We also took a look at economic growth, analyzing different models (just need to know manipulations no derivations needed) Harrod-Domar Model: 2 assumptions: constant savings rate and a capital output model Technology can help improve long run growth rate Increases in savings do lead to growth Constant capital output ratio Solow Model: Diminishing returns to capital stock 1
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