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Environmental Science
Chapter 1
Environmental Science
a. Is concerned with the rapidly increasing human population , the use and abuse of
resources , damage caused by pollution and disturbances and the endangerment
and extinction of species and natural ecosystems.
b.Ecology study of the interrelationships of organism and their environment
c. Geography the study of the natural features of earths surgace , including climate ,
topography , soil , and vegetation
d.Environmental ecology the ecological effects of pollution and disturbance
- Major areas incude management of biological resources, the prevention or
repair of ecological problems (endangered biodiversity, restoration of degraded
land or water and management of greenhouse gases), the management of
ecological processes (productivity , nutrient cycling, hydrology, erosion)
e.Ecologists study relationships among organisms and their environment
f. Environmental scientists- generalists
g.Environmentalists has significicant involvement with environmental issues,
especially in the sense of advocacy
The Larger Context: Earth, Life, and Ecosystems
a.We dont know exactly how life first evolved from inanimate matter—life began
b.Earth is the only known place to sustain life it might be possible that life forms have
developed elsewhere
c. Individual organisms living entities that are genetically and physically discrete
d.Populations individuals of the same species that occur together in time and space
e.Communities populations of various species also co–occurring at the same time
and place
f. Landscapes and seascapes which are spatial integrations of various communities
over large areas
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