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Lecture 1 notes

Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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Plate tectonics, where the plate moves on the surface of the planet everyday objects move
about the thickness of a paper.
The continents are moving and widening. And we predict that there will be another super
Stratigraphy: putting rocks in relative age.
The Atlantic Ocean is still widening but it is just beginning to stop and commencing to
We are probably at a stage where the continents are dispersed as far as they are going to go.
For each land mass we can detect a vector; a direction of motion and a velocity.
Lecture 1 and 2:
How planet earth works: plate tectonic
Key concepts to reap up for the first TWO quizzes
Formation of planet earth 4500 million years before present Continental drift and
Pangea 1912(Alfred Wegner)
Sea floor spreading 1960 (Harold Hess)
Magnetic stripes on the ocean floor and wander paths for continents 1965 (Fred
Mid-ocean ridges and hot spots 1965 (Tuzo Wilson)
Plate tectonics and Wilson cycle 1967 (Tuzo Wilson)
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