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30 Mar 2017

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Eesa06 lecture #1 course introduction and planet earth formation. Knowing how the earth works is fundamental to managing environmental challenges. Urban sprawl and the impact of super cities. Dense, urban aggloromation have a major impact on the local environment. Cast an urban shadow: need to feed major cities with food and resources exerts a lot of influence of the surrounding region, ex: toronto growing quickly, pop. Expected double by 2050: major environmental issues, water quality. Managing/protecting water resources, water sheds, and natural ecosystems. Nuclear waste - what do we do with it: presently, most of ontario"s nuclear waste resides within 10 km of the campus in. Buildings being built, torn down in downtown. Historic wastes that underlie large areas of cities. A lot of discussion on building on green field sites. Use of agricultural land for urban development. An attempt to re-use brown field sites: old abandoned cities, fenced off, land sitting vacant.

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