EESA06H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Petroleum Geology, Subduction, Seismology

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Published on 17 Jun 2016
Environmental Science
1. What are the parts of the Earth system?
A. Biosphere
B. Geosphere
C. Atmosphere
D. Hydrosphere
Ans: D
2. In which scenario below would you be likely to hire a geoscientist to help better
understand the situation?
Geologists may be employed in any one of the scenarios.
3. In which of the following is geological knowledge useful?
A. Avoiding geological and other natual hazards
B. supplying things we need
C. protecting the environment
D. All of the answers above
Ans: D
4. Continental drift suggest by this person to explain the movement of the continents.
- Alfred Wegner
5. Pangea is the name of:
- a supercontinent
6. The rock cycle:
A. Is a concept used to explain the relationship of the three main types of rocks
B. describes the constant recycling of the three main types of rocks
C. does not encompass all geologic processes
D. is all of these
Ans: D
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