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Environmental Science
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Tanzina Mohsin
Study Guide

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Final exam
Instructor: Tanzina Mohsin
T.A.s: Shannon Allen, Joyce Zhang
Date: Friday, December 12, 2008
Time: 2-5 pm (Maximum time allotted 3 hours)
Pages: 12
Preamble: The exam consists of 5 parts.
The first section, ‘who’s who’ is worth 5 marks.
The second section, true or false, is worth 14 marks.
The third section consists of 8 definitions for a total of 16 marks.
The fourth section consists of six short answer questions worth five marks each
for 30 marks.
In final section there are two concept maps worth 5 marks each for 10 marks.
There are a total of 75 marks. Please gauge your time accordingly.

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Part 1. “Who’s Who”. Write the names in the middle column with
associated concepts on the right. 1 mark each.
Contaminants in Snow
Wind scale
Arctic Haze
Arctic Haze
Contaminants in Snow
Wind Scale
Part 2. True or False. Place a T or F in the blank provided. 14 marks.
1. Mach Scale is a 12 point qualitative wind scale. _F___
2. Surface conditions are not the dominant mechanism for midlatitude cyclone
formation. _T___
3. Boreas is a chilly north wind. _T____
4. Urban areas have higher albedo and so more energy is absorbed. _F___
5. Greenhouse gases trap heat by preventing hot air from escaping. __T__
6. Hurricanes produce the strongest winds on earth. ___F_
7. Microbursts are part of downdrafts of supercell thunderstorms. ___T_
8. The Gaia Hypothesis states that climate controls biota. __F__
9. The speed of sound at sea level at 15oC is 344 m/s. __F__
10. The tendency of air to flow from low to high pressure is the pressure
gradient force. _F___
11. Wania and Mackay discovered the ozone hole in 1974. __F__
12. The Dobson-Brewer circulation is a three cell circulation theory of the
stratosphere. __T__
13. The Montréal Protocol is an agreement to reduce CO2 emissions. _F___
14. Torricelli invented the thermometer in 1643. __F__

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

Part 3. 8 Definitions. 2 marks each. Total of sixteen marks
1. Sonic Boom
2. Wind rose
3. “Grasshoppering”
4. Land/sea Breeze
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