EESA09H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Weather Vane, Stratus Cloud, Cenozoic

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Thursday: 4:30 to 5:30 pm: marking scheme. Participation: 15% (10% in-class quizzes+5% out of class participation) Format for midterm, final: multiple choice, t/f, fill in the blank, matching, Definitions, short answer questions, concept maps and others: list of lectures (tentative, introduction to wind, global wind circulation, midlatitude cyclones, thunderstorms/tornadoes, hurricanes, polar lows. Midterm (june 25: thermal winds, measuring winds, winds and pollution, wind power, climate change: the role of wind, review. Each week the powerpoint presentation of the lecture will be posted on the course. In addition a set of notes is being developed (this document, for example) which will expand on the lecture and provided additional references. Read the course outline for detail info on the course. Elements: general types and characteristics of wind in the universe. Depending on the composition (gaseous), scale and types of forces associated with wind, it can be classified in different ways.

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