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EESA09H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Gaia Hypothesis, Natural Disaster, Landfall

Environmental Science
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Tanzina Mohsin
Study Guide

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Part 1. “Who’s Who”. Write the names in the middle column with associated
concepts on the right. 1 mark each.
Lovelock Gaia Theory
T. Ralph Global Circulation
S.A. Isard Midlatitude Cyclones
W. Ferrel Pacific hurricanes
Part 2. True or False. Indicate ‘T’ or ‘F’ in the spaces provided. 1 mark each.
1. Hail is sometimes formed in cumulonimbus clouds.
2. Thunderstorms sometimes cause dust storms.
3. Tornadoes rank the second costliest natural disaster in Canada.
4. The NAO controls North Atlantic SSTs.
5. Firestorms only occur in dry areas.
6. The south-east Pacific is too cold for hurricanes to develop.
7. The Earth’s atmosphere is mostly oxygen
Part 3: Circle the Answer that you think is the most suitable for the following
multiple choice questions. 10 marks.
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