Lecture 1 EESA10

Environmental Science
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Silvija Stefanovic

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EESA10 Lecture 1 1
Study from an environmentalist’s perspective
Introduction to Environment
Environment affects your health
Environment that surrounds “you” is your environment
o Water, food, stress (mental health)
Other factors (other than mental) affect your health as well i.e.genetics
o One may be exposed to the same environmental factors as others and
one may get sick and the other may not (relates to genetics)
WHO describes environmental health as diseases and injuries, influenced by
factors in the environment
o Factors: Social is also cultural
Environment is everything that surrounds you
o We will focus on human health i.e. everything that surrounds human
o Air, Water, Soil are the most important environment components
o Extinction of species and how it affects human health
o Climate change may affect human health
Over the Years
Earlier, we did not have any strong affect due to the environment until the
discovery of the “fire”
The key moment when the human impact increased was after the Industrial
The CO2 in the atmosphere has only increased greatly after the Industrial
Geosphere is also affected
o Many species, including human species transformed the land surface
o Clear cut of the forests
o Gases being suspended into the atmosphere leading to the extinction
of many species, due to Industrialization
o Number of people on the planet affects the quality of life on the people
on the planet
o Availability of resources, more people more consumption and more
landfills, more chemicals
Declining health of other species
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