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EESA10H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ophiolite, Kimberlite, Metamorphic Rock

Environmental Science
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Jovan Stefanovic
Study Guide

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EESA06 Quiz 1 Page 1
Question 1
The movements of the continents can be figured out in real time using ___.
Correct Answer:
Question 2
Please examine this figure. Which of the following
statements about this figure is FALSE?
Correct Answer:
this convergent boundary shows two oceanic plates
coming together
or this divergent boundary two oceanic plates
coming together
Question 3
Wegener suggested that the continents move about by
plowing through the seafloor. This mechanism was accepted by most scientists until later when Tuzo
Wilson suggested plate tectonics.
True or False?
Question 4
Looking for oil and gas is primarily the job of an exploration and mining geoscientist. True or False?
Question 5
Seismic P waves travel faster in ___.
Question 6
What does differentiation mean?
Question 7
Liquefaction is ___.
Question 8: describe the difference between nprimary waves, secondary waves, love waves and
Rayleigh waves.
Question 9
What is shown in this image?
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