EESA10H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Lead, Hydrogen Sulfide, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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16 Dec 2010

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Lec02 airborne hazards: smog and air pollution became a problems in the beginning of the industrial revolution. good ozone: the ozone layer in the stratosphere www. notesolution. com. World"s problems: quantity of water, quality of water. Quantity of water: how much fresh water is available, most of our water is captured in ic, there are many ways to extract fresh water. Stress on the world"s major river basins: south part, middle east, australia, red area are the places that has a high stress of water, water stress <1700 cubic meters/year/person, water scarcity < 1000 cubic meters/ year/ person. As water was diverted for irrigation, the sea level subsided. Average water use in canadian homes (environment, canada, 2005: most used is for showering . Hydrological poverty: one out of 6 people do not have regular access to clean water, diarrheal deaths kill over 2 million children annually. Water and your health: drinking water, swimming water. Drinking water: tap water & bottled water.