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Human Health and The Environment Mid-term Study Notes
Lecture 1
HealthAspects of human health, disease, and injuries
by or from factors of the environment.
Studies direct and indirect effects of:
1. Chemical
4.Social (cultural) agents
EnvironmentEverything that affects living organisms
Effect of the environment to human health
1. Air
2. Water
3. Soil
4. Man-made environment
CrisisHumans alter the earth:
E.g. atmosphere has been changed through
industrialization, which causes C02 to rise
E.g.2 geosphere: the land has been transformed.
Forests have been deforested and land has
become cities
Overpopulation=overconsumption of resources.
To replenish, chemicals are used to speed-up the
HealthResponsible for 25% of all preventable diseases
Difficult to assess and the environment affect
everyone regardless. Thus protection practices.
Types of HazardsChemicals: present in air, water, soil, food etc.
Biological: bacteria, viruses, parasites, these are
living organisms.
Cultural/social: poor diet, drugs—These are
usually preventable and can be controlled.
Physical: Fire, tornadoes, earthquakesusually
naturally occurring outside force.
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