EESB18H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Igneous Rock, Mount Vesuvius, Viscosity

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Vesuvius: huge column of ash, lava, magma then it comes rapid in its surroundings. Less than one second it takes for body to burn up and kill an individual. Therefore, anyone would die in the same position he/ she might b in. Always looking for the magnitude of volcano eruption. In magma, lots of oxyen and other gases, silicon tetrahedron: carries extra charge of -4 because 4 oygen (-2) and si (+4) Oceanic crush is the denser and heavier. Igneous rock type: highest number 65%, volcanic rock are the most heavier, which stays over lava, it cools down faster. Plutonic rock is 10 km under earth in lava. Basalt: most of the soil get develop. Basaltic is coming from asthenosphere in lava. Rhyolitic magma is mix with crush and water due to subduction. Less viscous easy for movement less thickness. Water will change the viscosity because it will help the magma go up.

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