EESB18H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: List Of Maritime Disasters, Natural Hazard, Mining Accident

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Presentation (proposal 5%) short clear (title, case study) oct 4 due date. How it effected humans (casualties), consequences, how it happened, how it all started. What can be done in future to reduce the casualty (what gov"t can do, building structure, how gov"t can response (where should it not be build)) adaptation. Hazard involves frequency, magnitude, and return period. Magnitude: how often it happens in short period of time. Probability of nature hazard varies every year (never 0) Haiti carries huge casualties compare to chile under same magnitude. Marine sand with lots of salt was used in haiti, therefore building build are not strong due to finance. Increasing in weather related and in geology. Few countries carry insurance for natural disaster (ex hurricane katrina) Canada has big country, west coast have problems with earthquakes, central part flooding, heatwave. Canada natural disaster (casualty rate) is going low: better. Technology . warning system (coming from the middle of pacific),

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