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5 Dec 2010
Poems Interpretation
Greater Love:
x Wilfred Owen wrote poems during the war
x One of the worst things about post traumatic stress syndrome is pretending that the war never
x They syndrome takes place after the war
x dZÇv}u}v[Zvµ]vPwar because you are not safe
x dZ}Ç}v[}Pvµ]Ç}(Ç
x }v[µvÇ}vvÇu}
x Survival guilt
x Kv}(Zµu]Z]v[oÁ]ZÇ}µ}v]}µ}Ç}µloÇ]vP]]vÇ}µZ
x To enjoy yourself for a second is a betrayal to all your dead friends
x There was no mourning after the war
x There was no ritual for mourning so then they resorted to addiction
x We need rituals to make sense of mourning
x He trained himself not to feel which made him a good soldier
x ('red lips') are juxtaposed with morbid imagery of death. It is a biting and bitter criticism of war
x The brotherhood love that is established between soldiers.
x Owen calls this love "Greater" than erotic love; in fact he honours it with words such as fierce,
pure, exquisite because it is the love of who suffered and died for their nation.
x Although Owen dislikes the citizens because they are not able to comprehend and grasp this
sacrificial love.
x The woman reminds him of his dead soldiers
x Such as her lips, her body, her voice
Arms and the Boy
x The Great War had boys instead of men forced into the war.
x dZ]vPZ^>Z}ÇÇo}vPZ]Ç}vo_]uo]oZ}ÇÆ]uv
with the weapon proving that he is not accustomed to doing so.
x dZo]]Z}o[Æuo](Ç]vPZ}o-bloodedness of the nature of the weapons.
It also illustrates how it is hungry with the craving for blood, reflecting its hideous tendencies
that does not serve anything constructive.
x It is typified as Z[}o}}oZ}µPZ}]vPv}o](oovv}uv]v]vXdZ
war dehumanized men to their own likes.
x The association of men with weapons of destruction was as though they were initiated into
perversion. The colour blue is likened to Z^uuv[(oZ_X
x _dZZuuv[(oZ[Á]}(oµo}ZZ}Zµv](}u}(}o]]vP
treated for stress induced mental illness, serving to warn those he met that he might behave in
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