ENGA11H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Convenience Store

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13 Apr 2012

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What’s Elsters job?
What is backround of scene when they first kiss?
In room when they kiss, what does the room backround change into?
How did Elster’s wife die?
Blue Sky
Who is the convenience store owner?
Who is candy shop owner?
Who is the narrator in the opening of each chapter?
White Noise
What is the opening scene where Jack is.
What is one word that Babette doesn’t like saying when she is reading
pornography to Jack?
Who says something like, “I’m wet, I need to go wash it off”
What is the side effect of Dylar pills?
What is one symptom to exposure to Nyodene D? (ans: Deja vu)
Bell Jar
Whose clothes does Ester wear when she leaves New York?
Who tries to rape her?
Who does she ask to pay for her medical expenses? (ans: Erwin)
Who is the math professor? (ans: Erwin)
These are the questions that aren’t part of the questions I made up to practice with. Most the
questions I made up came on the exam.
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