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University of Toronto Scarborough
Garry Leonard

Poems Interpretation Greater Love: N Wilfred Owen wrote poems during the war N One of the worst things about post traumatic stress syndrome is pretending that the war never happened N They syndrome takes place after the war N @ZZL}K}ZL[ZL]L2war because you are not safe N @Z}}ZL[ }2L]Z ]}Z N }L[ZL}LLK} N Survival guilt N KL}ZKZ]ZZ] L[o]Z} }LZ ]}ZZ}}lo]L2]]L}Z N To enjoy yourself for a second is a betrayal to all your dead friends N There was no mourning after the war N There was no ritual for mourning so then they resorted to addiction N We need rituals to make sense of mourning N He trained himself not to feel which made him a good soldier N (red lips) are juxtaposed with morbid imagery of death. It is a biting and bitter criticism of war N The brotherhood love that is established between soldiers. N Owen calls this love Greater than erotic love; in fact he honours it with words such as fierce, pure, exquisite because it is the love of who suffered and died for their nation. N Although Owen dislikes the citizens because they are not able to comprehend and grasp this sacrificial love. N The woman reminds him of his dead soldiers N Such as her lips, her body, her voice Arms and the Boy N The Great War had boys instead of men forced into the war. N @ZZ]L2ZZ^>Z}o}L2Z]Z}Lo_]Ko]ZoZ}]KL with the weapon proving that he is not accustomed to doing so. N @ZZo]Z] ZZ }o[Ko]]L2Z }o-bloodedness of the nature of the weapons. It also illustrates how it is hungry with the craving for blood, reflecting its hideous tendencies that does not serve anything constructive. N It is typified as Zo[}o}}oZZZZ}2Z}ZZZZ]L2L}o]ooLL}ZKL]LZ]L :@Z war dehumanized men to their own likes. N The association of men with weapons of destruction was as though they were initiated into perversion. The colour blue is likened to Z^KKL[ZoZZ_: N [email protected][ZoZZ[Z] }o o}Z Z}ZL]}K}Z}o]]L2 treated for stress induced mental illness, serving to warn those he met that he might behave in L] KLL:_
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