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Word vs World y The word is not the world language works as a system of deferral Words only mean something in relation to other wordsmeaning is mutually constitutive Language operates by binaries y Word without the world which cant be manipulated y Words permit the rearrangement of the world permits the world to be done and undone y After the word you need commandments y Wordworldmoral y When no word then no world and thus cant act moralConsumption vs Sustainability y Devastation questionwhat is human nature y Until WWII that was felt to be an obvious question that they had certain kind of nature which is also essece y Nature is foundational is there before you and after you is also sustainable y What is human nature that is sustainable y We live in a age of consumption and not sustainabilityy Nature is a model of sustainability y Things in nature fall apart all the time so not really sustainable but thats not nature nature y When we talk about being its not speaking naturally it is being sustainably y we can identify five myths of modernity Perfection Efficiency Progress Satisfaction and Innovation Or PEPSI All operate as systems of deferral promising a goal that is always receding further away as we sacrifice ourselves in
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