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lecture 4

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Garry Leonard

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2142012 85700 PM Lecture 4This lecture mainly talked about Reality and Fantasy because of the Balcony and 13 ways to look at a black birdBegins by talking about a whats real and whats fantasy The main themes in this lecture was the following1 reality is fantasy that is also real An analogy to this is the tool example something can be something and something else at the same time ie a bone can be a bone but a tool too y In the balcony you get the person from reality to be something they arent fantasy y Judge and thief example Your function isnt your essence just like your doing isnt your essence Basically what you do isnt you Remember the Price and Value analogy from previous lecture You arent necessarily a judge Youve just simply completed the apparatus that has allowed you to be in the position of being a judge y In the Balcony the judge essentially begs the thief to commit to the crime because if the discourses didnt allow for the judge to be a judge in the book judge asks the thief to commit the crime and admit to it because if there were no crimes the judge wouldnt have his position and if the judge didnt have his position the executioner wouldnt eithery The discourses around you allow you to be in your position relative to reality2 Discourse We have to be positioned to feel whats real You are surrounded by discourse and the discourse allows you to pick a position relative to whats real Discourse is the process by which you are taught your position You harmonize yourself with all the discourse around you friends going to church answering a phone call EVERYTHING to figure out your position
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