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Garry Leonard

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Vertigo • What’s Elsters job? • What is backround of scene when they first kiss? • In room when they kiss, what does the room backround change into? • How did Elster’s wife die? Blue Sky • Who is the convenience store owner? • Who is candy shop owner? • Who is the narrator in the opening of each chapter? White Noise • What is the opening scene where Jack is. • What is one word that Babette doesn’t like saying when she is reading pornography to Jack? • Who says something like, “I’m wet, I need to go wash it off” • What is the side effect of Dylar pills? • What is one symptom to exposure to Nyodene D? (ans: Deja vu) Bell Jar • Whose clothes does Ester wear when she leaves New York? • Who tries to rape her? • Who does she ask
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