ENGB04H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Trochaic Tetrameter, Dactylic Hexameter, Rhyme Scheme

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11 Apr 2013

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Tetrameter- whose woods/ these are/ i think/ i know (iambic) Pentameter- the woods/ decay,/ the woods/ decay/ and fall/ (iambic) Hexameter- i will/ arise/ and go/ now, and/ go to/ innisfree (iambic) The tyger - tyger!/ tyger!/ burning/ bright (trochaic tetrameter) This is the/forest prim/eval the/ murmuring/ pines and the/ hemlocks (dactylic hexameter) End stop- a grammatical pause at the end of a line of verse (can be a comma, period, or semicolon). Enjambment- when a sentence is on two lines, carries over to the next. Caesura- a pause in the middle of a poem. My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground. Ballad stanza first and third lines are unrhymed and have 4 beats second and fourth lines are rhymed and have 3 beats. Has an octave followed by a sestet. Ah sunflower - where the youth,/ pined away,/ with desire (anapestic trimester) Has three 4 line quatrains, rhyming: ababcdcdefef.

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