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Lecture 1

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Sonja Nikkila

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What is "life writing"?
Twitter, Facebook, editorials, dating websites, dating websites, songs, obituaries, resume, medical records, eulogy, epitaph, last will
& testament, yearbook, portrait, documentary, confession, interivew, testimonial, infomercial, transcript, scrapbook, photo album,
Biography, autobiography, memoir, diary, fictional autobio, personal essay, letters/email, blog, travelogue, scrapbook, photo album,
yearbook, documentary, portrait, self-portrait, interview, editorial, confession, testimonial, infomercial, marginalia, advice
Column, last will & testament, epitaph, eulogy, obituary, résumé/C.V., transcript, rap sheet, medical records, You Tube video,
Facebook/My Space
Infomercial: "I was 460 pounds and now I ...." --> beginning, middle, end = personal story
Look at: all the ways that life is PRESENTED, versus the way life is LIVED
Today's Lecture
(Auto) + Bio + Graphy
Memory: Creating a Life
Construction: Composing a Life
Syllabus Tour
Problems of Literature
^,W/ZKWµ}]}PZÇ]^Zl}v]vv}(o]µ_vin terms of exploration, mapping, charting
Stephen Shapiro: 17th century discourse on colonial spaces, unexplored, dark/carrying a lot of weight --> "haven't been seen yet",
"bad" not as good as light-->autobio not part of the explored literature
Autobiography: carries these problems--> Uncharted, unexplored; deemed "lesser" by lit critics
Is this dark continent a literature? -->Definitions: The Dark Continent-->how can you tell what autobio actually is? So many forms.
How do we explore what it is? How do we find boundaries?
Line between autobiography and fiction? --> hard to tell between someone's life versus fiction about someone's life-->"A million
little pieces" : fabricated
These blurs: keep autobio in the dark
Diff from Schapiro: autobiography is the IDEAL literature --> expresses perfect proble

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Whatis life writing? { Twitter,Facebook,editorials,datingwebsites,dating websites,songs, obituaries,resume,medicalrecords, eulogy,epitaph, last will & testament,yearbook,portrait, documentary,confession,interivew,testimonial,infomercial,transcript,scrapbook,photo album, biopic { Biography,autobiography,memoir,diary, fictionalautobio,personal essay, lettersemail,blog,travelogue,scrapbook, photo album, yearbook,documentary,portrait, self-portrait,interview,editorial,confession,testimonial,infomercial,marginalia,advice { Column,last will & testament,epitaph,eulogy,obituary,rsumC.V.,transcript,rap sheet, medicalrecords, You Tube video, FacebookMySpace { Infomercial:I was 460 poundsand now I .... --> beginning,middle,end = personalstory { Look at: all the ways that life is PRESENTED, versus the way life is LIVED TodaysLecture { Introduction:The Dark Continent { (Auto)+ Bio + Graphy { Memory:Creating a Life { [Break] { Construction:Composinga Life { SyllabusTour Problemsof Literature
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