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Natalie Rose
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Harry Potter
-Muggle World vs. Magic World
-Class: Malfoy
-Houses at Hogwarts: allegory or class. What each house might signify
-Race: Illusion to the Second WW. Dumbledore chocolate card, 1945
-Questions about full blood muggle and wizards and those who are half. These questions come more
important across the series
-Heromine: her bookishness is presented, her role in the romance question the moment she has to
rescued in the bathroom.
-How this book is constructing obedience
-Snape quarrel. How that relates to the topic of indepence, and what is Dumbledore[s role in all of
this. Symbols and significant motif: sorting hat, Quiddach (role as seeker)
--^t]Z}µµ]on I believe that the Harry Potter series is a creation of hell helping
prepare the younger generation to welcome the Biblical prophecies of demons and devil led
-Unsuitable for adults?
--^µo:X<XRowling because she is not complicated; children read Philip Pullman
,vZUX/v^(]X^W]ÌÁ}Zǵoµ]]v[_t]oo]u^(]UNew York Times,
--Or good because books do have double address?
---She is good because of the latin, and she is clever and does address the adults as
well as children
-Conventional, conformist?
-^dZ}oZZ}v[(}the task of leadership because they have the right magical skills
and that the men and boys call the shots. What matters is a feeling of security that we gain after
clean way that her protagonists set the world aright without questioning the real conflicts that the
majority of the children in the UK and North u](_~:l]X

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--Nothing every difficult is set into motion, with the triumph; and boys are better than girls,
middle classes are better than everyone else.
- ^WZv}uvµZZ,ÇW}}}l]ÀvÇ}uu}]Ç}vµu]}vZ at the
same time sets the parameters of reading and aesthetic taste. Today the experience of reading for
the young is mediated through the mass media and marketing so that the pleasure and meaning of a
book will often be prescripted or dictated by convention. What readers passionately devour and
enjoy may be, like many a Disney film or Barbie doll, a phenomenal experience and have personal
significance, but it is also induced experience calculated to conform to a cultural convention of
amusement and distra]}v_~]
--Pleasure... Is always written in the passive voice. Past of the late 21st century. Consumer
Structure: excursion Æ adventure Æ return
I. Prison
II: The Nobel Calling
--He has a destiny to save the world.
III: The Heroic Adventures
--Testing of the Hero stage.
IV. The Reluctant Return Home
--The main genre: romance fantasy, detective story (James Bond film): they come face to
face with the villain; exactly how his devious plan works; and what went wrong...
--Well plotted: Manipulating the reader.
-The relationship between the fantasy world and the ordinary, Muggle world: how is it like or unlike
the usual gateway fantasy?
--Much greater likeness between the muggle world and fantasy world (same teenage drama)
--Its not an escape from the fundamental tensions of the primary world
--Hogwarts is still school, ]v]}vUulo~P}v[ooÇ
--2 worlds intersect and overlap: wizards are wondering around the muggle world. Free
movement in the fantasy world and the ordinary world for the wizards.
-How is the Muggle world of Privet Drive depicted?
--World of the middle class materialism
--Seems kind-of cartoonish (liberalism)
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