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17 Dec 2010
Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe (1719)
-Realism vs Romance (child is innately pure and innocent)
-alexander Selkirk, marooned in the South Seas for 4 years
-spawns a genre of adventure fiction and a sub-genre of Robinsonades (e.g., Swiss Family Robinson,
Coral Island, Treasure Island, Lord of the Flies , Blue Lagoon, Castaway, Crusoe in Canada)
-Adventure is a modern form of Romance
-Shorter OED:
1. a That which comoes to us or happens without design; chance, hap, fortune, luck. Obs
b. per adventure, by adventure, of adventure (Fr. Par aventure): by chance. The two latter are
Obs., the first now treated as a single word with sense perchance, perhaps. See peradventure
2. A chance occurrence, an event or issue, an accident. Also in Law. Obs.
3. Chance of danger or loss; risk, jeopardy, peril. To put in adventure: to put in jeopardy, to
imperil, to risk, to stake. Still in Mar. Insur.
4. Hazardous activity [i.e. risky]
5. Any novel or unexpected event in which one shares; an exciting or remarkable incident
befalling any one
-^dZ}uvis nearest of all literary forms to the wish-fulfilment dream...In every age the ruling social
or intellectual class tend to project its ideals in some form of romance, where the virtuous heroes and
beautiful heroines represent the ideals and the villains the th}Z]vvÇ_~E}Z}&ÇU
Anatomy of Criticism)
- ^Z]Æ]Á}l}}µoZ}]v}vµ}X/PoÇÇÇ}µvP}oVv
there is hardly an elf so devoid of imagination as not to have supposed for himself a solitary island in
1. Robinson Crusoe t ^Z}v}µZÁ]}u}(W}À]v_
2. Rousseau t handbook of education t getting back to nature
3. Marxist critics t 1. Economic profit & parable of middle class individualism
4. Marxist Critics t a parable of natural labour and alienation
5. Postcolonial critics t a parable of British colonialism
1. The religious narrative
-preface t ^Z}Ç]}oÁ]ZD}ÇUÁ]Z^]}µvUvÁ]Zo]P]}µo]]}v}(Àv}
the Uses to which wise Men always apply them (viz.) to the instruction of others by this Example, and to
justify and honour the Wisdom of Providence in all the Variety of our Circumstances, let them happen
-Defoe was a Dissenter
-Protestant morality based on individual conscience; individual alone with God
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