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Reading: p. 3-25 / p. 29-38 engaging media . Characters interact with the music and recognize that it is playing. Reinforced by the juke box in the scene extra-diegetic music: the exorcist [1973] No physical identifier that the music is being played [no stereo etc] Characters don"t recognize that the music is playing convention of cinema is a practice the use of music to signify anticipation in a film is a type of convention commonly used in horror and thriller. Stalkers camera- diegetic [georges and his wife receive these tapes] Haneke"s camera - extra-diegetic is for us solely to offer us a neutral perspective of the world of the film. Haneke plays with convention film is built to guide us and our expectation clues as to which camera we"re seeing: stalkers camera is usually unmoving, still and watching. Point of view traditional: shot-reverse-shot sequence [of person, what character is looking at, back to person]