ENGB70H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: French New Wave, Deep Focus, Diegesis

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17 Jan 2017

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Film study like contemporary literature; represents most artistically resourceful use of given language, audiovisual language. What others attain in poetry, prose fiction, music, theater, ballet, opera, filmmakers now attain with tools and techniques of cinema. Intro studies of art of cinema stress techniques: editing, sound design, cinematography, screenwriting, etc. Cinema can document events with fidelity (slow down motion can be used to make invisible more clear. Aesthetic achievements (home movies to global simulcast, historical interpretation to political mobilization. Aesthetic punch allows cinema to have emotional, intellectual, and ideological impacts. Don"t expect a world like shrek or clean image of. Representation of sex and violence controversial because representation is visceral, exciting/appalling, arousing/repellant, affect on viewers. Film conveys what it feels like to enter particular world in compelling, immersive way and to feel like someone else. Cinematic engagement not only intellectual, observational, but involve sensation, feeling, and emotion.

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