ENGB70H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Zoopraxiscope, Intertitle, Cinematograph

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21 Oct 2014

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Edweard muybridge: known as the father of the motion picture", with his study, the horse in motion, as the first ever moving picture. Invented the zoopraxiscope which allowed him to project his silhouettes in rapid succession onto a screen and quoted as the first moving picture. The lumi re brothers: are credited to be the first filmmakers in history (their first film, workers leaving the lumi re. Factory, is considered to be the first real motion picture) They created the cinematograph which allowed viewing by multiple parties at once, like current cinema. Train entering the station (auguste and louis lumiere) First documentary film and also consists one continuous real-time shot: shows the entry of a train and the audience were afraid since they thought the train was actually coming towards them. Workers leaving a factory (auguste and louis lumiere: mostly female workers leaving the large building as if they finished a day"s work.

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