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2 Hugh MacLennan The Halifax Explosion 1917815 A French munition ship called Mont Blanc slowly moved north toward the upper harbourtoward Bedford Basin It was ugly 3000 tons looked like any other vessel but it carried a bomb 840 When the Mont Blanc was in the narrows the men onboard were working on unshipping the anchor once they reached their spot in the Basin A ship with a Norwegian flag named Imo made a sharp turn on its way out of the Basic into thechannel of the narrows It hit the Mont Blanc which set on fire The entire crewthe officers got on the lifeboat rowed toward the woods opposite Halifax lied flat among the trees to avoid the blow up of their ship Men came out of their dock sheds warehouses and offices along the waterfront to watch theburning ship Other ships dropped their anchors The Mont Blancgot very hot its plates glowing red and simmered the water around it The harbours fire department tried to put out the fire with hosesEveryone along the harbour knew about the problem 20 minutes after the collisioncame towatch 900 The Mont Blanc was being towed away back into the channel of the narrows 905 An earthquake a tidal wavean air concussion happened when the ship exploded In the north end of Halifax the ground rocked pavements splithouses swayed Windows brokeglass fell sixty miles away in the town of Truro The exploding chemicals were unbreathable hitting Fort NeedhamRichmond Bluff Houses were lifted from their foundations treeslampposts snapped iron rails twisted andbuildings broke down The south end also faces damages but they were not as disastrous Trees tossed doors broke windows spit into the walls the houses swayedcracked butremained on their foundations The harbour bottom deepened 20 feet along the channel of the Narrows under the Mont BlancThe water rose against the town lifting shipswreckage including fish fragmentscorpsesover the dock sides 2000 tons of red hot steel from the Mont Blanc fell from the sky like meteors the anchor landedthrough a roof three miles away In Halifaxs north end the air had flames which covered the streets like a crimson curtain Wooden houses burned and a cloud of gas rose 5 miles into the sky for many minutes casting itsshadow over 20 miles of forestry behind Bedford BasinCharles Perrault Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper Notes Its the most popular version of Cinderella Perrault studied lawpracticed architecture but in 1694 he began publishing folktalesThey werent well received so he gave up on them in 1694anonymously published SleepingBeauty instead He published 7 others in the next year including Little Red Riding Hood Puss in Boots Cinderella 1697 They were all published in a book called Histoires Ou Contes du Temps PasseContesde Ma Mere lOyeTales of My Mother Goose under his sons nameThe English translation was by Andrew Lang who edited many of Perraults other works in 1888nd A man married a 2 wife who had two daughters from a former husbandst This man also had a daughter from his 1 wife named Cinderella They were both goodsweet
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