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Daniel Tysdal

Vocab from: At the Fishhouses Elizabeth Bishop gloaming 1. a. Evening twilight. shuttle, n. 1. OE. A dart, missile, arrow. Obs. 2. a. An instrument used in weaving for passing the thread of the weft to and fro from one edge of the cloth to the other between the threads of the warp. fly shuttle 3. transf. a. A thread-carrying device in the form of a weavers shuttle, used for knotting, tatting and embroidery. fish-house (a) a place where fish are kept; (b) a place where fish is sold cleat, v. 1. trans. To fasten to, or with, a cleat; to furnish with cleats. cleat, n. 1. A wedge. (Now applied esp. to the small wedges used in securing the movable parts of a scythe and a plough.) gang-plankA landing-plank; a gang-board. gable, n. 1. a. The vertical triangular piece of wall at the end of a ridged roof, from the level of the eaves to the summit. b. Any architectural member having the form of a gable, as a triangular canopy over a window or a doorway. 2. The triangular-topped end wall of a building; a gable-end opaque 1. a. Lying in shadow; dark, dim, not illuminated. b. Of
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