ENGB04 (Critical Thinking About Poetry): Lectures

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ENGB04H3S Critical Thinking About PoetryLecture 1 January 7 2014 Poetry satisfies and fulfills expectations of patterns Because poetry recognizes and allows us to do this humans become equipped to understandbasic truths of how we interact with eachother oioi pronounced poeesis Greek wordPoets were called makyrsmakersLyric Poems that are sung to the accompaniment of a lyre or other musical instrument Sonnets are usually about heterosexual love from a male narrative Sonnet 3 by William Shakespeare Male narrative Telling a woman to mate with himBecause now is the timeSoon shell grow old He tills her womb and fertilizes itst Although it is in 1 Theme for English B by Langston Hughes person narrative LangstonHughes is not the narrator because he is 40 and not living in the poems setting The narrator is ayoung African American student who is writing a poem for his English class Persona A speaker who is differentiated from the poetLecture 2 January 14 2014 rpolibraryutorontocaVerse parallel units lines etcIt is derived from the way in which fields are plowed reversedA single line in a poem is a verse MeterThe regulation of sound units in a lineIt allows us to identify meaningful variations Prosody is the patterns and rhythms of sound used in poetry The accented syllable is the louder syllable The unaccented syllable is the quieter syllable French poetry focused more on the number of syllables in a line while Old English poetry focuses on accented and unaccented syllablesth That changed in the late 14 century because of Geoffrey Chaucer He was a diplomat so he had a lot of interaction with the French courts They were syllabic notaccentuential AccentualSyllabic System Regulates both number of syllables and accented syllables in a poem LinguafrancaThe language that is spoken in order to make themselves sound authoritativeIambic pentameter Pentameter means five sound units Foot A unit of a particular number of soundsyllablesu iambutrocheespondee u upyrrhic The spondee and pyrrhic are substitutions to the iamb or trochee Scansion Scanning a line of verse to determine its rhythm Promotion Accentuating a syllable that shouldnt be accentuated CaesuraThe longest grammatical pause in a line related to the English word ceaseLecture 3 January 21 2014Distributing sonnets in large groups were famous in Shakespeares time Petrarch created sonnetsShakespeare Sonnet 20Describes a person with a womanly face and heartAddressee is made up not like other women with cosmetics but by natureFeminineExtra syllable ending Has an additional unstressed syllable at the end of its versesExpectation that addressee in a womanSonnet display poets ability Sonnet 14 line poem of 3 quatrainsa couplet in iambic pentameter
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