ENGB04 (Critical Thinking About Poetry): Key Concepts

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ENGB04H3S Critical Thinking About PoetryKey ConceptsWeek 1 January 7 2014PoetryLiterary work in which intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use ofdistinctive style and rhythm poems collectively or as a genre of literaturePoem A composition written for performance by the human voicePoetIt originated from the Greek word makersmakyrsVerse Parallel units lines etcIt is derived from the way in which fields are plowed reversed A single line in a poem is a verseSpeaker The speaker may be the poet or a character created by the poetAddressee The person to whom the poem is addressingGenres A category of artistic composition as in music or literature characterized by similarities inform style or subject matterLyricPoetic term referring to poems that are sung to the accompaniment of a lyre or othermusical instrumentWeek 2 January 14 2014Basic Prosody the Science of Verse and the SonnetMeterA poems rhythm is structured into a recurrence of regular unitsThe regulation of sound units in a line It allows us to identify meaningful variationsAccentualsyllabic verse Regulates bothof syllablesaccented syllables Accented stressed syllableThe accented syllable is the louder syllableUnaccented unstressed syllable u The unaccented syllable is the quieter syllableIambiambic uTrocheetrochaicuSpondeespondaicPyrrhic u uPentameter as opposed to tetrameter or hexameter It has 5 sound unitsTrochaic substitution Usually occurs at the beginning of a lineMost common variationSpondaic substitution Created when an unaccented syllable is strengthened in an iambic pentameterThis heightens emphasis urgencycondensationCaesura The line pauses in the middle The longest grammatical pause in a line related to the English word ceaseElision Omitting a sound or syllable when speaking as in Im lets eenMasculine endingA line ending in a stressed syllableFeminine extrasyllable ending An extra unstressed syllable at the end of a line of verseAlliteration AKA Head rhyme Gorillas got green grapesAssonanceThe repetition of vowel sounds to create internal rhyming within phrases or sentencesthThe Sonnet Most popular fixed form that Wyatt introduced from Italian poetry in early 16 centuryUsually about heterosexual love from a male narrativePetrarchanItalian sonnet Fourteen lines in iambic pentameterDivided in 2 major parts of 86 lines each known as octavesestetRhymes abbaabba cdecde ShakespeareanEnglish sonnet Fourteen lines in iambic pentameterDivided into 4 major parts 3 quatrainsa couplet
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