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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sonja Nikkila

Lecture 2 January-20-11 6:45 PM TodaysLecture { Business { Lecture Question { Grandfather:Augustine& The History of Autobiography { Z9Z}ZZ^DL][email protected]]L2_ { [Break] { Son: Dickens[Copperfield,Ghosts, & A PosthumousChild { [Discussion Section] TodaysProblems :^Z9,}}ZL}]}2Z Z}}ZZ}]}2Z[Z^L_MLZ}}ZZ ZZZ2]LL]L2M :^o9,}}LZLZZL}KL}L}^_M,}KL^_ZZ]L}]}2ZM :@Z9,}^ }Ko_ZZ}oL}]}2ZM,} }Kocan it be? Does it have to be non-fictional? [For Section L 9}Z9JZ]Z^ }LZZ]}L_MQ LectureQuestion { Thinkof an early memory L as early as you can. { Try to think about how you know it. { Whatsenses do you use when you recall this memory? { Whatexternal influences(photos, stories, etc.) may havegone into creatingstrengtheningthis memory? { Is this memory importantto your life story? Would it make it into the final cut, or be left on the floor? Grandfather:Augustine & The History of Autobiography { Born: 354 A.D.,in Thagaste (Algeria), underRomanrule -->to Patricius & Monica { Childhood:Going to school, messing around { AdolescenceTeenage:More school (Carthage),living in sin, fatheringa child { 20s: Teaching,travelling (Italy), dabblingin Manicheanism { 30s: Conversionand baptism(age 32) { 40s: Made Bishop of Hippo (Algeria), writes Confessions age 43 (397 A.D.) { 50s: ? { 60s: ? { 70s: Dies age 75 (430 A.D.) The Confessions { Books I - IX: Birth, Childhood,Youth > Conversion[mom dies] { Book X: On Memory { Books XI - O9KL^LZ]Z_ { End of Book 9: ends narrativeat his conversion? --> talks abouthis life from birth to rebirth (leads into some kind of new self) --> BUT doesntend at his conversion, but when his mom dies Strange choice:importanceof her to him --> she converted before he did: led him to his new life --> perhapsacknowledgesthat ones life can actuallybe defined by someoneelse Also: gave actualbirth to him { His confessionimportantbecauseasks the question: Where was I before I was me? How did I start? How did I come? { ^Someinformationabout that [being in utero] has been given me, and I have myself seen pregnantwomen. But then, my God, my sweetness,what came before that? Was I somewhere else? Was I even someone? I have nobodyto tell me: neither my father nor my K}Z }oLo]2ZLK7L}Z]L }}ZZ7L}LKK}}K}L:_ Autobiographer:thinking abouthis life behind him, naturalto think aboutlife BEFORE him -> What camebefore that, can be changedto what comes next? Giving information by his CURRENT experience:memory, how much of you is known by the you before now? Worry aboutdeath? What camebefore that?--> What happenswhen I die? Augustine:What is self? Soul? Spirit? What was I like, as a baby? { ^But it irks me, Lord,to link that phase of my existence with my present life, the life I live now in this world; I do not remember passingthroughit, I have to reply on the reportsof others concerningit, and I can only infer from my observationof other infants ZLZ}2Z]}};Q:_ Windowof time before 2 years old: no memories --> Brains not formed enough to hold memory the same way, too traumatic i.e. Birth--if we didnt forget it, wed go crazy But it irks me, Lord...--> logically,admitting that he doesnthave accessto babies and infant memories,doesnt have accessto when he was an infant --> to INFER something aboutyour own life { ^ZZZloLl]LKKK}]Z }L L7Z]}}]LL ]Z}L]ZZ]KZL]LKK}Z[Z}K:_ Birth: is birth really when your life starts if you cannotrememberaccessit? Maybeyour life is constructedby other ppls memoriesof you -- your SELF is not what you have made, but by others who describe you and narrate you, others havegiven you Then: yelling Im not a baby,Im a toddler now { ^Did I make my way from that infant stage into boyhood?Or should I rather say that boyhoodcaught up with me and took over from infancy? Yet infancy did not depart, so what happenedto it?_ www.notesolution.com
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