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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sonja Nikkila

Lecture 3: Jane Austen April-11-11 3:07 AM 1. ^Z]L} Z]L2_ :ZKZo]LL9,}}lL}Z}L[lL}M 3. Says who L and says why? }^ ]}L9JZ] Z]}2Z]Z^_M,L[[email protected]}Ko]L[Z7:}o[Z;}ZL[ZL}oZMQ Prelude: The Sisters ^Cassandra, Jane[s elder sister and closest companion, was a beauty; but after the death of her fianc she retreated into voluntary Z]LZZ}}LZoKK]o2:^ZZ ]:LKK}oZZZZL}Ko]7Z2]o}oZe, ZZ}}Z}Z}}:[_ { Love story between sisters: Cassandra & Jane supporting each other --> family, sisterhood love story { So what does Jane Austen looks like? Tall, thin, spare person Fair and handsome Clear & brown complexion --> rosybrunette Hazel eyes ^@Z]Zo}}lZ] Z }2L]ZZZ;Z}2ZZ2LoZKoL ]ZL}Z}L27_}ZL] }o]L: ^,L]ZZ]ZZ]Z[Z }Ko]}L7LZ Z ZZZ}LZ}2ZZZo2}}Z7]Z}Z22Z]L2that Z} }LL]}Lo:_~: The only member of the Austen family to have no formal portrait, apart from her handicapped brother George, was Jane. { A conglomeration of Jane Austen--> picture drawn by Cassandra, then steel engraving decades after death { Wholegeneral isnt the sum of its parts { Jane Austen: the only member of the Austen family to have no formal portrait, apart from her handicapped brother George, was Jane-->linking absences is provocative { Blank space: we want to fill, to inject something into it --> fulfill via fiction Reading Life From Fiction { Becoming Jane: filmmaker makes her life feel comfortablefamiliar, without doing its own groundwork --> tying in with other characters from her novels (e.g. Pride and Prejudice) Benefit: brings subject immediately closer, more comfortable But Tomalin: be careful to associate fictional characters with real people--> Austen did not intend to portray Elizabeth Bennett as a version of her Tomalin: books are never transcripts of what she saw going on around her--> did not write from life DIRECTLY (painted around her but never portraits) --> we need to be careful when making associations, need to leave Austen as her own character, versus a conglomeration of her characters { ^Elizabeth Bennet is a superb creature, and we may think Jane Austen another; but Elizabeth is not a version of herself, as she }o]LZ}l}}KL] L}o]Z:_LClaire Tomalin, Jane Austen: A Life (p. 160) { ^The truth is that Austen depended very little on fresh scenes and new acquaintance; her work was done in her head, when she began to see the possibility of a certain situation and a set of characters, and her books are never transcripts of what she saw 2}]L2}L}LZ:_LClaire Tomalin, Jane Austen: A Life (p. 167) Biography: Gaps & Story Decisions { Tomalins book cover: landscape --> is it her external environment or her inner landscape that drove her life? --> can infer the direction of the narrative based on the cover { Inside: a map --> way to show a life GRAPHICALLY-->can chart out her life via a map, i.e. Where she belonged { Also: family tree --> Tomalins story decision: book is not JUST about Jane Austen { Of Austen[Z2}LZ9^Z]L}7ZL}L}ZK]LZ]L2}Z]2}-daughter; but as evidence of the great connecting web of cousins, mostly clerical, spread over the southern counties, they are a Z]2L]] L}:LZL[ZZ}:_ (Tomalin, p. 6) Evidence as the great connecting web of cousins, they are a significant part of Jane Austens story --> Tomalins story decision, has to tell everything about her life { ^o],L } l]Z Lo]2]L:LZL[Zo]}KLZ}LZ:[email protected]}Ko]L7: Pictures in the book: shiny pages in the middle -->The wistful face of little Betsy L later Eliza L ,L } l79Z]o[Z}Lo Z]o72}2ZL}ooZ}Lo2Z} JL,Z]L2Z7Z}Zo7}LZ: oL ]}L7ZZ KKo Z}Z }Z]L:L8she also enjoyed flirting with her male cousins. Romanceplot: caption of Elizas picture in the middle of the book --> coyness in terms of her story decisions ---^James, Edward, and even precocious four-year-}o,L ZLo]ZL}Z] }Z]LK]]L2o:_~: Retrospective knowledge: know Henry and Eliza will get together --> David Copperfield sitting by the fire telling you hes happy Tomalin as a writer: not giving you everything upfront, hiding things due to suspenseinterest { Henrys portrait: @Z]ZZ]}]7}L:L[ZZ7 }LZL}L}Zpanache }Z}Z}Z7,L:^KZ7Z,LJ_ZZ once wrote; he was the charmer of the family, witty, dashing and not always reliable, but his Z[Z}] and hers. Henry: a novel characters descriptions He took his Oxford degree while serving as an officer in the militia, made a romantic and advantageous marriage, and on leaving the army set up as a banker, living in high style in London. The story of romance between Henry and Eliza --> running underneath Janes own story www.notesolution.com
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