ENGB30 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Chief Operating Officer, Marionette

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Published on 14 Dec 2012
Midterm Reading Check: Answers
Monday October 22nd, 2012
1. Which of the following is not mothered by Gaia?
a. Prometheus
2. Which of the following is not one of Zeus’s children
a. None of the above
3. Which of the following spheres is Apollo not patron god of?
a. Craftsmanship
4. Diana’s Greek name is
a. Artemis
5. Which deity invented the lyre?
a. Hermes
6. Which of the following is true about the Golden Age?
a. There was no warfare or trade during the Golden Age
7. Who made Zeus’s thunderbolts and Poseidon’s trident?
a. Cyclopes
8. Which of the following mortals suffers a change in forms as a result of offending a god?
a. Arachne
9. Who is the husband of Venus?
a. Vulcan
10. Who is the patron deity of shepherds?
a. Pan
11. Which of the following is true about Prometheus?
a. He tells Zeus how to interpret Gaia’s oracle about how to win the War in Heaven
12. According to Greek mythology, which event explains the cycle of seasons?
a. Persephone’s annual descent into and return from the Underworld.
13. Which of the following is true about the Greek concept of xenia
a. It requires the host and the guest to treat each other with mutual respect.
14. Which of the following statements about Orpheus is untrue?
a. He persuades Cerberus to ferry him across the Styx
15. How do Procne and Philomena avenge the latter’s rape by the former’s husband Tereus?
a. They kill and coo Procne’s son and serve the dish to Tereus
16. What is Scylla, Princess of Megara guilty of?
a. Betraying her city to the invading Minos by cutting off the lock of purple hair on her
father’s head
17. Which of the following statements about Rousseau’s Pigamlion is untrue?
a. Pigmalion is ashamed of his own kissing and courting of Galatea
18. What does the Pygmalion figure want from his wife in Updike’s short story?
a. Liveliness in bed
b. A talent for mimicry
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