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ENGB30 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Philomela, Aeschylus

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Laura Jane Wey
Study Guide

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Zeus, Hephaestus, Artemis, Scylla, Eros, Io, Aphrodite, Philomela, Venus
Who is the patron deity of young girls and virgins? Artemis
What is the name of the woman who gets turned into a nightingale? Philomela
Which deity is said to have been born out of the foam of the sea? Aphrodite
What is the Roman name of Aphrodite? Venus
10 questions like this and 20 names
All the names are from the text book (In the Beginning, Spring and Winter, Loves of the
Gods and Metamorphoses)
The speaker of the following lines is (3 questions like this)
Zeus, from Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound
Prometheus, from Shelley's Prometheus Unbound
Old man, from Harrison's Prometheus
Prometheus, from Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound
Hermes, from Harrison's Prometheus
"New gods, ye newly reign, and think forsooth
Ye dwell in towers too high for any dart
To carry a would there! - have I not
Behold the third, the same who rules you now,
Fall, shame …
According to Hermes, what is the reason that "Zeus likes to pump his pungent pee
All over poets and poetry.
First burst to Aeschylus, then squirt a shower on Shakespeare, Schiller, Goethe…"?
Zeus thinks that Aeschylus is a bad poet
Zeus dislikes poetry
Zeus wants poetry to remain the exclusive property of the gods
Zeus only likes positive poetry about him
Why does Hades agree to let Orpheus take his wife out of the Underworld?
He realizes that a mistakes has been made and it is not yet time for her to die
The ghosts persuade him to let her go in exchange for a song from Orpheus
Orpheus's music is going moving that even Death relents
He wants Orpheus to leave because no living persons are allowed in the Underworld
All of the above
Sample Questions
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