ENGB30 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Roman Mythology

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Published on 31 May 2016
ENGB30 Classical Myth and Literature
Mythology Test Review
The mythology test is worth 20% of the final mark for this course and will be administered in
class on Wednesday, October 9. No outside aids are permitted. Paper will be provided.
As noted in the syllabus, the mythology test will assess student comprehension of the material
covered during the first half of the semester, including such topics as the creation of the universe
and humanity, the pantheon of deities, and the reception of classical myth in the works of
English literature read thus far.
The test will consist of two sections:
1. In the first section, students will be asked to answer 20-30 multiple choice questions
relating to the deities, heroes, monsters, and classical myths discussed in this course.
Students should be able to identify the Greek and Roman names of the gods and
goddesses, their attributes (What are they the gods and goddesses of? What items or
animals are they usually represented with? etc.), and the myths associated with them. For
Hermes is the god of _________.
(a) travelers (c) thieves
(b) commerce (d) all of the above
2. In the second section, students will respond to 2-3 questions with short paragraph
answers (~4-5 sentences) about the English reception of classical mythology as
represented in the texts that we have read this semester. Students may be asked to
compare one of the English reception texts to its mythological antecedent, to relate the
details of a particular retelling, or to identify and explain the significance of a quotation
pulled from one of the English texts. For example:
“Ah! The bull-headed villain! And O, my good little people, you will perhaps see, one of
these days, as I do now, that every human being who suffers any thing evil to get into his
nature, or to remain there, is a kind of Minotaur, an enemy of his fellow-creatures, and
separated from all good championship, as this poor monster was.”
Studying Tips
A substantial amount of the material covered in class so far, particularly during the first
three weeks, has comprised detailed information related to the deities of Greek and
Roman mythology. Flashcards and charts can be really useful for committing this
material to memory.
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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