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Laura Jane Wey

LEC8_oct3 Reading Check- MC Scantron 1. which of Zeus’s children is supposed to have sprung from his head fully-grown and completely armored? a. Apollo b. Dyonysus c. Athena d. Mars e. Heracles 2. Which deity is the patron of the home and hearth? a. Hermes b. Hera c. Athena d. Gaia e. Hestia 3. Which deity is the protector of travelers and guests? a. Bacchus b. Mercury c. Jupiter/Zeus d. Neptune e. Culcan 4. Which of the following statements about the Demogorgon is untrue in Prometheus Unbound? a. The Demogorgon is a child of Jupiter b. The Demogorgo Brings about jupiter’s fall c. The Demogorgons associated with darkness d. The Demogorgon unbids Prometheus from the Caucasus mountains e. Jupiter initially believes that the Demogorgon will help him trample out the Promethean spark in the soul of man 5. Identify the speaker of the lines below a. Pygmalion inOvid b. Professor Higgins in Pygmalion c. Pigmallion in Rousseay’s “Pigmalion, A Lyrical Scene” d. Victor Frankenstein in Frankenstein e. Drowne in “Drowne’s Wooden Image” “I was deceiv’d, I carv’d thee for a nymph, […] My worthless self,” Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Mary Shelley (1797-1851)  British novelist and writer  Wife of Percy Shelley; daughter of William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft About Frankenstein  First published in 1818, when Mary Shelley was 21  Has a double “embedded narrative,” or “framed,” structure with 3 narrators: on either en dare Captain Walton’s letters to his sister, which frame Victor Frankenstein’s (main) narrative, which in turn frames the Monster’s story of his own experiences o Allows for a telling of the story from multiple perspectives o Disallows the Monster’s story to stand independent of Frankenstein’s story; it is literally contained within the bounds set by Frankenstein Frankenstein: Summary Walton’s letters Birth & early life of Frankenstein Creation & abandonment of monster Death of William Trial and execution of Justine Journey to Mont Blanc & run-in with monster The monster’s story & Frankenstein’s agreement  Agreement is that Frankenstein asks Victor for a female monster companion Journey to British isles & aborted creation of female Death of Clercal; Frankenstein’s arrest Marriage & death of Elizabeth Frankenstein’s wanderings in pursuit of monster Frankenstein’s death Walton’s letters Frankenstein: Prometheus or Pygmalion?  Similarities to Prometheus: o Sole creator of being(s), without divine intervention o Non-romantic
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