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8 Apr 2012

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Shakespeare Dictionary
Shakespeare Dictionary
Richard III
Originally: dying, death. Subsequently also more widely: the action of ceasing to exist or
coming to an end; an instance of this.
The action of going or moving on, through, or by; an instance of this; the process or fact
of changing from one state to another.
The capacity of something
An extent which ought not to be exceeded; a limit.
A small stream, rivulet; orig. a torrent, a strong flowing stream.
To enjoy the use of, make use of, profit by; to use, enjoy, possess, hold.
A stroke with the foot; a kick.
The act of treating with disdain or contemptuous rejection; an instance of this.
To strike against something with the foot; to trip or stumble.
To spur; to urge or incite.
The order to be off.
To boast, brag, glory, vaunt oneself.
To go or come forward, advance.
To raise
To give, grant, or bestow in a gracious or condescending manner:
To deign or condescend to give (a word, answer, etc.) in reply or by way of friendly
That which runs or flows, a stream
The action or condition of flowing
The action of looking at anything; beholding, contemplation; gaze, view.
A look, a glance.
To look for, expect.
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A festering sore; the fact or condition of festering.
Of a wounded or diseased part of the body; also (rarely) of a person.
The time during which a disease runs its course; the time occupied by each attack of an
intermittent fever.
The time during which something runs its course, duration; allotted time; natural lifespan.
To bring to an end; to terminate.
Any long-winged, web-footed bird of the familyLaridæ and sub-family Larinæ, which
contains several genera, Larus being the largest.
An unfledged bird
A credulous person; one easily imposed upon; a dupe, simpleton, fool
The throat, gullet
To swallow, guzzle; transf. and fig. to devour voraciously
To make a gull of; to dupe, cheat, befool, ‘take in’, deceive.
Moisture; damp exhalation
Any fluid or juice of an animal or plant, either natural or morbid.
To comply with the humour of; to soothe or gratify by compliance; to indulge.
To comply with the peculiar nature or exigencies of (something); to adapt or
accommodate oneself to; to act in compliance or agreement with; to fit, suit
In the feudal system, one holding lands from a superior on conditions of homage and
allegiance; a feudatory; a tenant in fee.
Used in addressing persons of this class.
That which is agreeable, pleasant, or easy; comfort, ease.
That which is soft or yielding; the soft part ofsomething; softness.
Producing agreeable or pleasant sensations; characterized by ease and quiet enjoyment;
of a calm or placid nature.
In a quiet or peaceful state; in a comfortable or easy manner; on a soft bed, couch, etc
To render (a person, the heart, etc.) less harsh, severe, or obdurate; to mollify, appease,
Glad, rejoiced, well-pleased.
a verbal objection presented
Outside of, without.
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One who drives a cart.
As a type of low birth or breeding; a rude, uncultured man, a clown.
A card-player.
The pap or udder of female mammalia; also the teat or nipple; usually in reference to
A kind of red worm used as a bait.
To cram with food; to provide with an excessively rich diet; to feed or nourish (a person,
animal, etc.) luxuriously.
To lavish attention, comfort, and kindness on; to spoil with luxury; to bring up in a fine
or luxurious manner.
To excessively indulge (an emotion, quality, thought, etc.).
Mad, insane, foolish, stupid.
Having a confused sensation of swimming or whirling in the head, with proneness to fall;
affected with vertigo, dizzy.
Causing or apt to produce dizziness or swimming in the head, rendering dizzy.
Whirling or circling round with bewildering rapidity.
Of persons, their attributes and actions: Mentally intoxicated, ‘elated to thoughtlessness’
(Johnson); incapable of or indisposed to serious thought or steady attention; easily carried away
by excitement; ‘light-headed, frivolous, flighty, inconstant.
Introducing a clause of condition or supposition
On condition that; given or granted that; in (the) case that; supposing that; on the
supposition that.
The Merchant of Venice
Faithfulness, good faith, loyalty; honesty
One's faith as pledged or plighted in a solemn agreement or undertaking; one's plighted
word; the act of pledging one's faith, a promise, covenant.
The young of the horse, or of animals of the horse kind.
A young or inexperienced person, a ‘green hand
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