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Shakespeare DictionaryShakespeare DictionaryRichard IIIPassingOriginally dying death Subsequently also more widely the action of ceasing to exist or coming to an end an instance of thisThe action of going or moving on through or by an instance of this the process or fact of changing from one state to anotherMeasureThe capacity of something An extent which ought not to be exceeded a limit BrookA small stream rivulet orig a torrent a strong flowing stream To enjoy the use of make use of profit by to use enjoy possess holdSpurnA stroke with the foot a kick The act of treating with disdain or contemptuous rejection an instance of this To strike against something with the foot to trip or stumble To spur to urge or inciteAvauntThe order to be off To boast brag glory vaunt oneself To go or come forward advance To raiseVouchsafeTo give grant or bestow in a gracious or condescending manner To deign or condescend to give a word answer etc in reply or by way of friendly noticeCurrentThat which runs or flows a streamThe action or condition of flowing AspectThe action of looking at anything beholding contemplation gaze viewA look a glanceTo look for expectRankle
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